2-phase Micro-stepping driver 2L542


2L542 is a low cost high performance microstepping driver based on most advanced technology in the world today. It is suitable for driving any 2-phase and 4-phase hybrid step motors. By using advanced bipolar constant-current chopping technique, it can output more speed and power from the same motor, compared with traditional technologies such as L/R drivers. Its 3-state current control technology allows coil currents to be well controlled, with relatively small current ripple and therefore less motor heating.


* Patented technology
* Low cost , good high-speed torque
* Supply voltage 24~+50VDC, current output up to 4.2A peak
* Optically isolated input signals, pulse frequency up to 400 KHz
* Automatic idle-current reduction
* 3-state current control for less motor heating
* 15 selectable resolutions in decimal and binary
* Suitable for 4,6,8 lead motors
* Stepping on upward or downward pulse edge (selectable)
* DIP switch current setting with 8 different value
* CW/CCW mode available (optional)
* Over-voltage and short-circuit protection
* Small size (118x75.5x33mm)


Suitable for a wide range of stepping motors of Nema 17, 23 and 34, and usable for various kinds of machines, such as 3D printers, X-Y tables, labeling machines, laser cutters, engraving machines, and pick-place devices. Particularly useful in applications with low vibration, high speed and high precision are desired.

Specification of Electric (T j= 25 )

Parameters Min Typical Max Unit
Output Current 0.54 - 4.2(RMS 3A) Amps
Supply voltage 20 36 50 VDC
Logic signal current 7 10 16 mA
Pulse input frequency 0 - 400 Khz
Isolation resistance     500 M

Mechanical Dimensions (unit = mm, 1 inch = 25.4 mm)

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